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ARTURIA Matrixbrute Noir Limited Edition

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49-key Black Edition analog synthesizer with modulation matrix, CV, MIDI, and onboard effect.
The MatrixBrute Noir is a sleek looking Black Limited Edition of the popular MatrixBrute that features three Brute oscillators, two output filters, five analog effects, and a vast modulation matrix. Take the flexibility of an analog modular system and add the convenience of digital controls for a complete sound design machine.
Analog sound, digital brain

MatrixBrute Noir features the best aspects of both worlds. Pure analog sound creation and shaping, with comprehensive digital mapping and preset storage behind the scenes. Feel right at home sitting at MatrixBrute’s control panel; with access to Arturia’s trademark sawtooth, pulse, and triangle waves, as well as the unique Brute waveshapers. MatrixBrute Noir also features two superb filters: Arturia’s acidic Steiner-Parker, and a creamy ladder filter based on Bob Moog’s legendary design.

The power of the matrix

The possibilities expand almost infinitely when you start integrating the modulation matrix. Letting you virtually patch hundreds of points, you’ll discover sounds you never thought

possible. The matrix has many different functions, and also lets you save and recall presets, and acts as an advanced step-sequencer.

Macro magic

So many knobs to tweak, so many sounds to shape. With such a limitless array of possibilities, you’ll quickly realize the downside of only having one pair of hands. Fortunately, MatrixBrute Noir features 4 macro encoders that let you stack several parameters into one knob, putting you in full control of your performance.

The key to performance

49 full sized keys feature velocity and aftertouch for an expressive performance. The true analog effects section adds that sparkle to the sound, keeping it all in the analog domain for that extra grit. Widen up the pads with the stereo chorus, mono and stereo delays to add space and repetition, a classic vintage style flanger, and a touch of reverb for the finishing touches.

Stage-ready design

With instant preset recall, true invention in a live setting awaits at your fingertips. Choose from an expanded sonic palette of presets, 256 of which can be stored on the MatrixBrute at any time, and let the ride begin. Combined with an impressive arpeggiator and sequencer, you can evolve your melodies and textures with power and deep originality.


Pure analog sound: linear VCO & LFO, saw, square, triangle, sine, LFO time divisions, and key tracking
49 full sized keys with velocity and aftertouch
Intuitive sound shaping: UltraSaw, Pulse Width, Metalizer, and Sub VCOs can supercharge your tone
Noise generator with white, pink, blue, and red noise
3 unique envelope generators
Plays nice with others: MatrixBrute features a 5 input audio mixer with filter routing, and awesome connectivity including 12 CV/Gate ins and outs
Climb the ladder: multi-mode Steiner-Parker and Ladder filters, able to be used solo, or together in series or parallel
Brute factor: add a little controlled insanity to your sound
Arpeggiator and 64 step-sequencer
Analog effects section, including delays, flanger, chorus, and reverb
Product size: 860*432*107mm / 33.86*17.01*4.21 inches
Net weight: 22 kg / 48.5 lbs

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